Improving token discoverability and trust through the Superchain Token List

The Superchain Token List will simplify the process of bridging tokens between Ethereum and OP Chains built on the OP stack, including OP Mainnet and Base.

Improving token discoverability and trust through the Superchain Token List

As we continue to work towards our vision of a scalable, interconnected network of chains built on the OP Stack, we're excited to introduce a new feature that will provide important continuity between these chains: the Superchain Token List.

This unified token list will simplify the process of bridging tokens between Ethereum and the various OP chains, streamlining token discovery and management. Read on to learn more about the Superchain Token List, how it works, and how you can start using it today.

Understanding the Superchain ecosystem

The Superchain, envisioned by the Optimism Collective, is a horizontally scalable network of chains that share security, a communication layer, and an open-source development stack. This permissionless system will enable new chains on a shared network, fostering scalability, innovative applications, and a revenue model that rewards app and protocol developers for their contributions.

In February, we introduced our vision for the Superchain while announcing Base as the second L2 chain to be built on the open-source OP Stack, following OP Mainnet. The Superchain begins with these two networks and will expand in the years ahead to encompass hundreds of chains that function as a single platform from a consumer standpoint. These chains will be connected through seamless interoperability infrastructure.

A crucial aspect of realizing this vision is establishing and outlining standards for all shared components accessible to these chains. Today, we are excited to introduce the Superchain Token List, a unified token list for application developers and consumers to use when bridging tokens from Ethereum to OP Mainnet, Base, and all future OP chains in the Superchain.

In collaboration with our ecosystem partners at Base (shoutout to Roberto!), we have developed this unified list, now serving as the source of truth for the OP Mainnet bridge UI and Base bridge UI. Developers can utilize the Superchain Token List for token discovery when deploying their apps on the Superchain.

The Superchain Token List workflow

To request that your token be added to the Superchain Token List, head over to the Superchain Token List repo and create a PR.

Each token added to the list undergoes an automated validation process based on the data provided by the requester. During this process, we verify the token's onchain information and validate whether the asset can be bridged using the standard bridge.

Automation is also employed in our build and release process. Once a token is merged into the token list repo, it is instantly deployed to the Superchain Token List. Additionally, the Superchain Token List is available as an npm package that can be directly imported into your application, eliminating the need for an RPC trigger to acquire the token list.

Whether deploying a liquidity network or DEX on an OP Chain(s), developers can use the Superchain Token List in similar ways, avoiding the hassle of adding tokens individually to their application.

Please note that by adding a token to the list we aren’t making any claims about the token itself; tokens are not reviewed for their quality, merits, or soundness as investments.

Getting started with the Superchain Token List

To learn about the Superchain Token List visit, or try it out by visiting Check out Base's walkthrough for adding a token to the list on their docs page. If you want to build an OP Chain and join the Superchain, get in touch by telling us about your vision using this interest form.