Preparing the ecosystem for multiple chains

This blog post shares details about the first code changes that will make the Superchain real. The first establishes as protocol version system, and the second focuses on smart contract upgrades.

Preparing the ecosystem for multiple chains

A lot of work is underway to make it possible to securely upgrade all OP Chains in unison, so all OP Chain operators can easily run compatible versions of software and benefit immediately from hard forks and security upgrades.

There are a series of projects and protocol upgrades that will make interoperability of OP Chains much more efficient. Importantly, the first of these projects establishes a protocol version system for node operators, and the second is a protocol upgrade that will be focused on updates to smart contracts.

These are the first code changes that will make the Superchain real, and it is exciting to share them! Read the full blog post for details on these projects and how they will rollout on OP Testnets and beyond.

Multichain prep work


The first project is focused on changes that will impact node operators and nodes, enshrining a protocol-version that means anyone using the OP Stack for their products can easily track whether their infrastructure is up to date & in sync with the latest official protocol version. It will maximize the efficiency of the how upgrades occur across the Superchain, and simplify how upgrades are managed.

It is important to note that the protocol-version system is an opt-in convenience. Anyone who runs a sequencer or verifier node can opt-in to this change, and all future Superchain upgrades will flow from this upgrade to operators that have opted-in.

Multichain Contracts Upgrade

OP Labs engineers have already begun work on the second component, which is simplifying multichain contract upgrades. Currently, all OP Chains have separate implementation contracts due to hardcoded chain-specific configurations in them. The multichain contract upgrade eliminates these hardcoded configurations, thus making it possible for Superchain partners to all share one set of implementation contracts, and perform multichain protocol upgrades in a single transaction.

These smart contract changes will need to go through the governance approval process, which will take place early next year.

Establishing protocol-version with Canyon

Something very exciting is that the opt-in node upgrades were implemented as a part of the November 14 testnet upgrade to Canyon! This means that the Canyon upgrade took place as a unified upgrade for all operators who have opted-in.

Key dates to watch for

Together, these two projects will enable seamless OP Chain upgrades and we are excited to bring them to a Superchain near you! As mentioned, the governance process to implement multichain contract upgrades will kick off in 2024, so be sure to follow @OptimismGov on X (formerly Twitter) to stay up to date!