Open Sourcing Utilities for dApp Developers

Introducing the Ecosystem Repository, a place where utilities & applications get built to interact with protocols in the Optimism ecosystem, and their infrastructure.

Open Sourcing Utilities for dApp Developers

A key goal to bringing more developers into the OP Stack developer community is to simplify and accelerate the development process for building on OP Chains. This necessitates an ecosystem rich in libraries and utilities, specifically designed for deploying applications on the OP Stack. To that end, today we are excited to announce the open sourcing of our Ecosystem Repository!

What is the Ecosystem Repository?

If the Optimism Repository is a place where the protocol and its infrastructure gets built, the Ecosystem Repository is a place where utilities, applications, and examples get built to interact with those protocols and their infrastructure.

Get started by building a bridge to the Superchain

The initial launch features an example of a bridge application, demonstrating how to bridge ETH and ERC-20 tokens listed in the Superchain Token List. This application provides a template for those constructing their own bridges, offering insights into how you can interact with the protocol. Additionally, the package released includes common utilities that are vital for developer interactions with L1 and L2. Notably, it encompasses tools for tracking network pairs and deployment addresses of smart contracts.

This launch is merely the start. We plan to continuously enrich the resources for application developers in the Superchain ecosystem.

One small commit for developers, one giant leap for the ecosystem

We invite you to clone the Ecosystem Repository, whether you are a builder eager to contribute or are just interested in the latest developments in the Optimism Ecosystem. Your involvement is what will shape the future of the Collective.

If you are inspired by this release and have any ideas related to the OP Stack you would like to see open-sourced in the repo, feel free to leave an issue in GitHub. Happy building!