Build faster, build together: Introducing the Superchain Developer Console

Build faster, build together: Introducing the Superchain Developer Console
Superchain Developer Console

A one-stop shop for aggregated tools and promotions, the Optimism Collective’s new Superchain Developer Console makes it easier than ever for developers to build and grow their businesses across the Superchain.

The Superchain Dev Console makes it as easy, and accessible to launch your app on the Superchain. Whether you’re deploying across Ethereum, Base, Fraxtel, Mode, OP Mainnet, Redstone, Lisk, or Zora, there’s no shortage of scaling solutions for developers to choose from, but choosing which tools to leverage can be cumbersome. 

The Superchain Dev Console aggregates tools and special deals to accelerate development and lower developer overhead. The Superchain is powered by the OP Stack, but also by the Collective’s robust ecosystem of community, tooling, and infrastructure options. 

This one-stop shop gives developers access to testnet faucets on any OP Chain, funded paymasters, customized app feedback, access to high-signal support channels, and promotions on common infrastructure, quickstart guides, and distribution opportunities. 

In the next phase of the Superchain Dev Console you’ll have access to the deployment rebate offer. This will make deploying on the Superchain free!

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At launch, we’ve partnered with Alchemy, Gelato, QuickNode, and ThirdWeb to offer infrastructure savings and support. All of these resources are presented in one easy to browse platform, removing friction and making it easy for developers to identify and access the tools they need to build amazing user experiences.

Overtime, we envision the platform becoming a critical tool where developers can quickly deploy contracts, manage their applications, and set up various services without a steep learning curve making it easy to launch apps on the Superchain.

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